How Do You Properly Set Up Your Web Hosting?

After I’ve read the book, The Paradox of Choice, I had an epiphany. The concept of the book is that if you are presented with a lot of choices, it will actually be much harder for you to choose. That is actually evident in one experiment that was outlined in the book.
A team of researchers has split some shoppers into two groups. One group is presented with only 5 different kinds of fruit jams and the other group is presented with 24. Out of the two groups, which one was able to make easier decisions? If you’ve answered the first group, that is correct!
What can you glean from the experiment? It just means that when we are presented with so many options, we are actually hard-pressed to make a decision because there are so many factors to consider. That is actually quite the dilemma that the common folks face when they are looking for a good web hosting provider.
Today, I am going to help you properly set up your web hosting so that your website will be seen online and have it up and running.

What Are Your Needs?

The easiest way for you to find the best web hosting provider in your use-case is to
actually set some requirements first and foremost.
Do you require a lot of bandwidth? Do you need e-commerce features? Do you need a
customer support team that you can contact at any time? Setting your expectations and
requirements before you go out there makes the entire process so much easier.

Longevity Can Be a Factor

Do you know how hard it is to stay relevant throughout the years? That is why when you
are looking for a web host, go for one that has actually been in the industry for so many
years (preferably more than 10).

Cheap and Affordable Are Two Different Things

Because the market is so saturated nowadays, there are some companies that offer hosting services for cheap prices. However, I want to make a distinction here: Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good quality and affordable doesn’t necessarily mean that a service is cheap.
I know a lot of reseller web hosting companies that offer cheap hosting plans for those who need them and although they are okay for the most part, I would still go for a reliable company that has been in the industry for quite some time.

Now, in the context of cheap and affordable, take for example that there is a hosting plan that is offered at $5 and another that is $8. Look at the individual company’s reputation and see if $8 is justified. If you ask me, I would go for the higher-priced plan if I know that the company is lauded for its impeccable web hosting services.

Check the Policies

This might be the most unpopular thing when looking at a particular service provider, but it has to be done. As a customer, it is your right to know the services that are being offered to you. That is why I highly advise you to check a hosting company’s terms of service, as well as company policies.
The reason why you’d want to do this is so that you will know what you’re getting yourself into. For instance, the company you’re looking at might not allow you to change services within the same year. If that is the case and you are not comfortable with that, you can go to another one without this very restriction instead