6 Amazing Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur is easily one of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia. Its rich cultural heritage, coupled with traditional and modern places to
visit are some of the things that I really love about this place.

I used to be quite lonely until I found myself a lively escort girl that happily acted as my tour guide. She gave me some suggestions as to where I needed to go and in this article, I will go over some of the amazing things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy the Light Show at the KLCC

Before I begin, I just want to point out that the locals usually call Kuala Lumpur simply as KL. So from this point onward, I will refer to Malaysia’s capital city like KL.

That being said, the Petronas Twin Towers are definitely two of the tallest structures in the world and although it is already one of the things in your itinerary, it is actually what is at the foot of the towers that you want to pay close attention to.

The KLCC Park is long and wide and it is certainly perfect for people that either wants to have a picnic or traverse the huge landmass.

Anyway, at night, you can marvel at the infamous Symphony Lake, which is just a fancy term for their amazing lights and fountain show. The best part of this all is that they are all for free.

The Infinity Pool

Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of amazing hotels, but I actually want to turn your attention to one of their condominiums.

The Regalia Condominium is one of the best places you can stay in the city and that is mainly because of its amazing infinity pool.

This vast pool not only keeps you cool but it also provides you with an amazing view of the city.

To get a reservation, you just download the Airbnb app and hope that there is a free slot in the condominium that you can rent.

Be a Bargain Hunter

Although there are many places in Kuala Lumpur that are quite expensive and top- notch, there are also some things that you can do that actually do not require a lot of money at all.

Head on over to Chinatown, more specifically, in Petaling Street. This busy street is a haven for bargain hunters because you can easily find cheap knock-offs in this place.

But, what is more interesting is the fact that you can cut the price of the items down lower if you just know how to haggle with the vendors.

Little India

If Malaysia has a Chinatown, it also has a special place of the Indians as well. Located in Brickfields, the place is known as Little India and here, you can find a lot of things that
Indians typically sell, including textiles, clothing, herbs, spices, and even natural remedies.

Dine at the Pad

If you want to experience something truly unique, go to the Heli Lounge Bar. As you can tell by the name, this place is actually placed on top of a Helipad and although no helicopters will land here, you can expect a majestic view of the city.

They also have an extensive array of different foods and cocktails to choose from which makes this an ideal spot for friends and family to hang out.

Eat Until Your Heart is Full

Jalan Alor is hands down one of my most favorite places to go to for my dinner fill. This huge long strip is full of different food stalls that sell a wide variety of different cuisines.

People will really love this, especially tourists because you not only get to sample a smorgasbord of different cultures and flavors, but you get to do so at a relatively cheap price.